Rent a Kimono, and wear them, then browsing in Asakusa.

You can rent a Kimono for ¥2,500 for 4 hours!

Our method is different from other Kimono rental shops.
We do not put Kimono on you,you put on Kimono  by yourself with our professional Kimono dresser's help.
She will teach and help you to wear Kimono in English.  All you have to do is just follow her.

 If you come in a group,less than 10 people, all of you could wear Kimono at same time with this method. 
That would be a great time saver.

It would be a nice experience for you being in Kimono browsing around in Asakusa!
* Price : ¥2,500(tax inc)
* Opne Date : 10:00-14:00 (Except Tuesday)
* Rental hours : 4hours
* Japanese socks : ¥500(tax inc) *Buy t if you need.